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***West High Class of 1970

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West High Class of 1970



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QVC Mallard decoys by the Jobes family. A reprinted article on

Click here to view certificateBody Booting - A Goose Hunt in the Susquehanna Flats with the Jobes family. 
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Congratulations to Bob Jobes.
Honorary Chairman of the 2014 Decoy & Wildlife Art Festival
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March 30 - August 26, 2007

Regional Carving: The Jobes Family
This Exhibit was the sixth in a series showcasing the talents of wildfowl artists living in Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula. The Jobes family - Captain Harry Jobes and his son's Bobby, Charlie and Joey - are talented carvers from Harford County,


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See our Article "Body Booting" with Captain Bob Jobes .
The DU film crew was in Havre de Grace in late 2003 and went Body Booting with the Jobes family. This was on DU TV in July '04.


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