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Captain Harry in front of his decoy Shop at his home

Captain Harry Jobes decoys at "Riverside Retreat"

Captain Harry R. Jobes has been carving decoys for most of his life. He began carving in Havre de Grace, Maryland, at the age of nine and learned the art of decoy making in its truest form from R. Madison Mitchell. He worked in Mitchell's decoy shop for over 25 years before opening a shop of his own. The Captain has spent all of his life on the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna Flats as a commercial waterman, hunting guide and charter boat captain. This close association with nature has given him first hand insight into the waterfowl world. Captain Harry's decoys have been featured in books and museums as well as numerous private collections across the country. The Captain and his wife Virginia, married July 22, 2006, reside in Maryland where their decoy shop is located. Many Different Decoys of Full Sized Waterfowl are made by Captain Harry Full Size Art quality, Full Size antiqued and small size antiqued.

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These pictures are for your viewing and are of our collection and are not necessarily currently available for sale. We do have many of Capn' Harrys decoys for sale at our "Catalog of Decoys"
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or Widgeons
hprbaldplates.jpg (44914 bytes)
Barrows Goldeneyes
Black Ducks

hprblackpr.jpg (46304 bytes)

Blue Bills
or Scauphprbluebillpr.jpg (33675 bytes)
hprcanpr.jpg (41242 bytes)
Common Goldeneyes
hprgoldnipr.jpg (36314 bytes)
Red Heads
hprredheadpr.jpg (38096 bytes)
Ringneck Pair
hprringneckpr.jpg (40893 bytes)
Shoveler Pair
hprshoverlerpr.jpg (42173 bytes)
Wood Ducks
hprwoodypr.jpg (64271 bytes)
Pintail Pair
hprpintailpr.jpg (40629 bytes)
Ward Style
Mallard Pair
hprmallardpr.jpg (37431 bytes)
hprbrant.jpg (39730 bytes)
Canada Goosehprcangoose.jpg (39889 bytes)
Blue Goose
hprbluegoose.jpg (39283 bytes)
Snow goose
hprsnowgoose.jpg (31796 bytes)
Cinnamon Teal
hprcintealpr.jpg (40450 bytes)
Blue Wing Teal
hprblwtealpr.jpg (38989 bytes)
Green Wing
hprgwtealpr.jpg (39021 bytes)
Red Breasted Merganser
hprrdhdmergansers.jpg (49192 bytes)
Hooded Merganser
Common Merganser
hprbuffheadpr.jpg (35286 bytes)
Harlequin Pair
Ruddy Ducks - Summer
Ruddy Ducks - Winter
Two Headed Coot
Old Squaw Pair
hproldsquawpr.jpg (41675 bytes)
Gadwall Pair
Mantle Quality

High Head Canvasback Pair (Tollers)hprhiheadcans.jpg (38212 bytes)

Sleeper Canvasback Pair

Half Size Swan


hprcoot.jpg (54340 bytes)
White Wing Scoter Pair
White Dove
Full Size Sam Barnes Style Swan

Informative article about Captain Harry Jobes November 1999 Goosefoot Newsletter

Comments From New Owners of Captain Harry's Decoys

  • "it (Canvasback Drake) showed up in perfect condition and looks wonderful sitting next to my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. However, that decoy will never see water. Thank you," Sybil Swinfield, Morrison, CO"
  • "I received your decoys (High Head Canvasbacks with Keel) today and they are just beautiful. I am so glad I was high bidder. The packing was wonderful." Evelyn Davidson, Secretary, MD
  • "The decoys arrived in beautiful condition, I think that was the best packing job I have ever seen. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure they got here undamaged. Captain Harry is truly an exquisite artisan, please thank him for me and let him know these decoys will be passed on to my children after I can no longer enjoy them. Thanks Again," Tom Gurley Delray Beach, FL
  • "Received the decoys today (Full Size Antique Wigeons), They are fantastic. Thanks again!!!" Pete Rogers, PA
  • "Nick, Got the ducks -- great packaging. No problems and the ducks look great" Pam Witte, St Cloud, MN "Got the Pintails ... As expected, I was not disappointed. Great packaging and great product." Pam Witte, St. Cloud, MN
  • "I have received the decoys (Antique Stytle Pintail Pair) and have unpacked them. They are awesome!! They are the perfect decoys to start my collection. I am sure I will be buying some more from you. I am over the next couple of years going to collect several decoys. Not only do I love the style but I like the colors and overall features he has on his decoys". Dennis. Talbot,Independence, MO.
  • I Received the Black Duck Decoy today & I was very pleased with it. Very nice paint work on the feathers!! Craig T., Houston, TX.
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These Decoys were also called "TOLLERS" "We'd put out a dozen or so, 100 yards out in front, at an angle to the left side and thee same off on the right. Then we'd put out several hundred decoys (a stool) right in front of us. We'd set up and wait. Then the Ducks would come flying in and come Tolling right into the Stool"......Cap'n Harry

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