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Please send an email  to place your order if you have sent an order and did not hear back. Once in awhile there is a problem in receiving orders that is beyond our control.

We will try to return an email as soon as possible with the total cost including shipping and insurance delivered to you by Priority Mail. We travel a lot so please keep in mind that although your order may be sent to us, it may take some time for us to pre-pack your order to get the shipping weight and then figure the total of your order. 

Please understand that these decoys are made from wood, hand crafted and hand painted. They are made in the traditional ways of decoy making. The way decoys were made before plastic and other synthetic materials were used. Wood is a natural product and is not perfect. Cracks may develop over time and the painting may not be perfectly done as any handmade item may be.  If you want perfect decoys that will never change and are painted perfectly, then please consider purchasing acrylics made in China. We offer the real thing here directly from the artists as they produce them. 

I want you to be pleased with your purchase but you must understand that these are handmade and I do not do anything to hide inherent flaws that occur from a natural product made by hand. 

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