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These are the email addresses of 1970 Alumni as known at the time. If you know of any email addresses to add here, please by email to send  information to me to be added here on our class pages.

The information available on this page is as follows;

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Marilyn "Abernathy" Noffsinger

No Hobbies Listed Yet!
Schenectady, NY

Cheryl N. Alderman

aldermancsr.jpg (11058 bytes)


Elissa M. "Andrews" Yost

Son Jonathon, Daughter Sara, Foster daughter Virginia and 2 granddaughters!
East Corning, NY

David Ballard

ballarddsr.jpg (10855 bytes)

Billie Jean Barnes Bennett

barnesbsr.jpg (13939 bytes)
Beaver Dams, NY

Martin T. Barnes
barnesmsr.jpg (11044 bytes)
Trafford, PA

Kristopher Bayer

No hobbies listed yet
Bradenton, FL
Francine "Beebe" Archer

Derek Jason Archer - 1978, Trevor James Archer - 1982, Blake Jamison Archer - 1983
Penn Yan, NY

William R. Berlue
berluewsr.jpg (10926 bytes)
Caton, NY

Deborah "Bess"

Water Activities, Fun in the Florida Sun, Rollerblading, Dancing, Reservations, Reading
Wellington, FL
JoAnn Berry Daley

East Weymouth, MA
Kay A. Breon Button

Williamsport, PA
Roxanne Bills 
billsrsr.jpg (10968 bytes)
Sebring, FL
Shirley A. Bronson Brown

bronsonssr.jpg (11445 bytes)
Nancy E.
"Brouneus" Merrill

Gardening, Crafts, attending kids activities!
Lake Wales FL
Wanita Brown Briggs 

brownwsr.jpg (11311 bytes)
Painted Post, NY
Richard L. Bulkley

Model trains, antique and classic cars!!
Salem, OR
Mary Ann "Burgess" Jakubowicz

No hobbies listed yet
Rush, NY
Janet "Burke" Armstrong

Needlework & Reading!
Cranberry Township, PA

 Patricia A.Cahill Brines
cahillpsr.jpg (10655 bytes)
New Haven, CT

Christopher C. Calkins 

caulkinscsr.jpg (12283 bytes)
Melbourne, FL
Michael P. Carapella

Paul D. Card

Hunting, Sporting Clays, Skeet, Nascar Racing, My Grand Daughter!
Ithaca, NY
Timothy L. Casbeer, 
casbeertsr.jpg (10676 bytes)
Athens, GA 
Mary "Chase" Tammaro

Scrapbooking, Shopping and sewing!
Painted Post, NY
Linda M. Clevelend Swisher
clevelandlsr.jpg (9818 bytes)
Addison, NY
Sue "Connelly" Sobieski

Cynthia Gayle (Cornell University '07) Patricia Anne (Sophomore Ohio University)  Andrea Jean (Senior Valley Forge High School)
Parma, OH
Sandra K.Congdon Rossi 

congdonssr.jpg (12174 bytes)
Corning, NY 


Mary A. Crans Brown
cransmsr.jpg (11401 bytes)
Bath, NY
Priscilla "Crooker" Rial

No hobbies listed yet.
Caton, NY
Marguerite A. "Cushing" Clarkson 

No hobbies listed yet!
Corning, NY
James B Darcangelo 

Hammondsport, NY
Raymond Dick

"Not married and no children, and hope is fading fast" Tennis, Biking and Travel
Cincinnati, OH
Ronald L. Dixon
Painting - Photography - Mountain Climbing  AOL IM RD8152
Elmira, NY

Elizabeth M. Dolly Hendrick
dolleyesr.jpg (9831 bytes)
Monterey, NY

Elaine "Duvall" Blencowe

Sun and Fun
Corning, NY
Rosemary "Edger" Gentile

edgerrsr.jpg (10814 bytes)
Hornell, NY
Linda Elston Guerrie

No hobbies listed yet
Geneva, NY
Bill Ely

Corning, NY
Nicholas J. Erway

Newport, PA
Alan Estep

estepasr.jpg (11003 bytes)
Edcouch, TX
Debbie "Eygabroat" Moss

Ramon L. Ferris
Sports, Gardening, Camping and Canoeing
Rochester, NY
Thomas J. Finneran 

finnerantsr.jpg (11961 bytes)
Rachel " Gestwicki" VanEtten

  rgestwickisr.jpg (25335 bytes)
Inglis, FL
Rebecca "Beki" " Foster" Harshaw

Camping, Biking, Photography!
Great Falls, MT
Fred A. Freeze

No hobbies listed yet!
Painted Post, NY

Cindy "Gerhart" Koziatek 



Howard Green 

No hobbies listed yet!
Painted Post, NY
Rick W. Griswold

Hobbies - Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Biking, Woodworking and Music!
Corning, NY 
Douglas T. Gross
Brian L. Grover

groverbsr.jpg (11497 bytes)
Satellite Beach, FL
Terry D. Hall
halltsr.jpg (9357 bytes)
Coopers Plains, NY
Terry "Hamel" Henderson

hamelrsr.jpg (9799 bytes)
East Amherst, NY
Cynthia A. "Hamlin" Davis

hamlincsr.jpg (9412 bytes)
Janet Hargrave Hill Simpson

jhargravesr.jpg (40124 bytes)
Ithaca, NY
Gary Harndon

No Hobbies Listed yet. Married to Nancy Heverly
Painted Post, NY
Fawn "Henry" Rhoda 

Bowling, Sewing,Traveling, Beach!
High Point, NC
Nancy "Heverly" Harndon
No Hobbies listed yet, married to Gary Harndon!
Painted Post, NY
Ted H. Hitchens

Spring City, TN
Jeffrey L.

No hobbies listed yet
Rocky Mount, NC


Mark Hunter

Deborah "Jacobus" Connett


Daryl L. Jenks

Hunting, Fishing and being a NEW Daddy!
Groton, NY


Debra Johnson Crocker

djohnssonsr.jpg (10376 bytes)
Raleigh, NC
William M. Jusick

No hobbies yet
Bay Harbor Island, FL
Roxanne D. "Kane" Russenberger

kanersr.jpg (10644 bytes)
Kim Kershner

Woodworking, Cruising/travel, guitar!
Grand Island, NY
David Kio

Corning, NY


Marcia "Knapp" Baker

Gardening, Sewing, Reading. 2 Children-Eric D. 16y/o , Christopher 24 y/o, adult stepkids, Ruby 36 y/o, grandchildren: Leslie, 5 y/o & Elliott 2 y/o, Pacita 38 y/o & Eric S. 39 y/o.
Winter Haven, FL
Alana D. Korda

No hobbies listed yet!
Jaffrey, NH
Kathleen Knickerbocker Newkirk Piersons

No hobbies listed yet!
Horseheads, NY
Alana D. Korda

No hobbies listed yet!
Jaffrey, NH
Colleen LaFever

Hobbies are sewing, gardening, fishing, crafts and traveling.
Rocky Mount, NC
Steven T. Lambert

No hobbies listed yet!
Eugene, OR
Linda J. Lanphear Wead

Beaver Dams, NY
Sandra R. "Laughlin" Beauvier

No hobbies listed yet!
Campbell, NY 
Bruce A. Layton

laytonbsr.jpg (13071 bytes)
Corning, NY
Donna "Law" McKay

Singing Barbershop Harmony!
Painted Post, NY 
Karen "Lockhart" Clark

4/09 - I have lived in Rochester since 1971.Married for 38 years have two grown children. Have 1 grandaughter and another one on the way
Rochester, NY
William L. Lundgren

Moorestown, NJ
Sylvia "Makin" Kinley

makinssr.jpg (11906 bytes)
Horseheads, NY
Estella McDonald
mcdonaldesr.jpg (11915 bytes)
Coleen K. McGlen

mcglencsr.jpg (10253 bytes)
London, United Kingdon
Michael McPhilmy 

Biking, Cooking, any outdoor sport.
Philadelphia, PA
Virginia L. "Merrill" Taylor

No hobbies listed yet
Ithaca, NY
Mark T. Miraglia
No hobbies listed
Painted Post, NY
Carol L. "Moody" Matusick

moodycsr.jpg (11675 bytes)
Bruce W. Moran
  Gardening, Children, Coaching Soccer!
Brookeville, MD
Debra "Morse" Morse-Little

I am a travel nurse, working in Oregon right now.  Hoping to see much of this country with this profession.  One son, now 23 is here in Oregon with me working for the Humane Society.  Hoping to get back a month every summer to spend on my sailboat on Seneca Lake
 Tualatin, OR
Sylvia J. "Morse" Harriger
morsessr.jpg (10562 bytes)
Painted Post, NY
Charles E. Morton
No hobbies listed yet!
Corning, NY
Kathryn A. Mull

Travel, Music and School Stuff, working at West High.
Painted Post, NY
Wilma L. "Nelson" Coats

Quilting, Counted Cross-stiching, Camping, Gardening!
Painted Post, NY
J. Kevan Norris
Travel, wine, snowboarding!
Hampstead, NH
Leo J. O'Brian

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Karen "O'Connell"

No hobbies listed yet!
Beaver Dams, NY
Richard Park
parkrsr.jpg (11197 bytes)
Bradenton, FL
Robert L. Parker

Morristown, NJ
Carolyn "Peck"

Reading, gardening, spending time at our cabin in the woods with Husband Rich, 28 years, and daughter, Krista, 19 in college!
Corning, NY
Timothy Phillips

phillipstsr.jpg (8811 bytes)
Corning, NY
Paula "Pietro" Meza

San Jacinto, CA
Lanny Plumley

plumleylsr.jpg (9648 bytes)
Lindley, NY
Steven D. Preset

Corning, NY
Linda "Quinn" Bilotte

quinnlsr.jpg (10819 bytes)
Helle "Rahe" Brand

Son, Nick, 20, Jogging, dancing, cross country skiing, rollerblading, antiques, music.

Rochester, NY
Yvonne M. "Regan" White

James L. Ribble 

Corning,  NY
Edward G. Rice

Sheryl Robinson Cross

ICQ Number : 38731661!
Lowville, NY
Ronald R. Ross

McKinney, TX
Pam Rothermel Cowan

prothermelsr.jpg (39771 bytes)
Ithaca, NY
Jill Said Lewis

Photography, travel, gardening/landscaping!
Horseheads, NY
Suzanne Satterly Shaffer

Watercolor painting, travel and wine tasting!
 Arden, NC
Donna Scott Miller

Painting, Traveling, Gardening and Cooking!
Marysville, PA
John A. Shoemaker

No hobbies listed yet!
Watkins Glenn, NY

Janice Smith
smithjsr.jpg (11019 bytes)
New York, NY

Paul J. Smith

Golfing, Fishing and Ourdoors!
Colombus, OH
Jill E. "Snyder" Gasparri

Church and two sons '78, '79
Painted Post, NY
Kathy A. "Snyder" Plumley

Elmira Heights, NY

Martha Spier Chalker

Larry Chalker (Class of 1971) and I have two boys.  Matt is 24 and works as a Software Engineer in charge of development for Televoke.  Mark is a junior at Tennyson High School.  Matt and Laura have our first grandson, Andrew, who is 6 years old and just completed his kindergarden year at school.  Larry and I both love to golf and live on a golf course in California.  Larry is the General Manager of Office Max in San Francisco and I am the Regional Sales Manager for Modern School Supplies selling science labs to schools in California.
Tracy, CA
Cynthia L. Strong
Golfing, bowling, gardening...anything to relax!
Baldwinsville, NY
Roseanna M. "Sterling" Audinwood

sterlingrsr.jpg (12094 bytes)
Louise M. "Swimley" Jeter

swimleylsr.jpg (10812 bytes)
Carla L. Thomas Fullmer

thomascsr.jpg (11906 bytes)
Joyce L. "Thomas" Mapes

Corning, NY
William V. Trask

traskwsr.jpg (11770 bytes)
South Corning, NY
Mary Jo "Tshantre" Bower

Husband - Jerry,  Daughters - Kristen and Heather
Auburn, NY
Ken Turner
Travel Music, Family and activities!
Chico, CA
Lyn E. Tucker

tuckerlsr.jpg (12613 bytes)
Corning, NY
Joyce Tyler Schuler

jtylersr.jpg (14683 bytes)
Blackwell, PA
Gregory A. Velie

No hobbies listed.

Winston-Salem, NC
Rob Vrzal

Camping and Travel!
Willseyville, NY
Patsy C. Watson Drake

Computers, Reading, Church Activities!
Pine City, NY
Cindy Woodhouse Donahue

cwoodhousesr.jpg (31473 bytes)
Pen Yan, NY
Susan Woodhouse Engelhart

I have 2 young daughters, Theresa, age 10, and Rachael, age 7.  We enjoy traveling, swimming, going to parks, and spending time outdoors.  I was recently married to a wonderful man, whose daughter made me a grandmother to 3 adorable boys, ages 2 months through 4 years, and I have a 23 year old stepson as well. This is the best time of my life - even though I feel old!
Alden, NY
Julie Wray

Reading, Needlework, Crafting, Love Country Music!
Elmira, NY
Nancy A Youngstrom

No hobbies listed yet
Sarasota, FL
Alice Warren Lewis





Lost contact via email.

Barry Abbeybabbeysr.jpg (28783 bytes)
Lakeland, FL
John R. Alsen
No hobbies listed yet, No Senior picture
Clifton Park, NY
John Aranda
No hobbies listed yet
Beaver Dams, NY
Ralph G. Beauvier
No hobbies listed yet
Campbell, NY


Roseann  "Boom" Stilts
Mark H. Britton
Fishing, Fishing and Fishing
Henrietta, NY
Janice M. "Card"
Volunteering - Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, PTA, Church, Etc!
Savannah, NY
Carol E. "Davis" Gilette
No hobbies listed!
Painted Post, NY
Leonard Davis, Jr.
My current hobbies include cars (antiques and collectibles), running my business, rollerblading,bicycling, sailing, and staying fit.  I do not have children.  My e-commerce site is
Ashburn, VA
Vickie "Dudick" Esposito
Horseback Riding, Gardening, Skiing, Photography, Travel and Procrastination!
Durham, NC
Gary M. English
No hobbies listed yet!
Painted Post, NY
Karen Ettenberger
ettenbergerksr.jpg (11532 bytes)
Palm Harbor, FL
Debbie "Eygabrout" Moss
deyegabroutsr.jpg (11210 bytes)
Fulton, NY
William F. Fanning

Londonderry, NH
Michael E. Fletcher
Music, Music and writing Music Books!
Costa Mesa, CA


Bruce A. Fraser
Daniel M. Gulliver

Lynn T. Goodreau
Hobbies include Landscaping and Skiing.
Sinking Springs, PA
Raymond L. Hall
I married Sharon in 1971 and we are still happily married.  (1968 graduate
Lake Mary, FL
Cynthia "Hamlin" Davis
Golfing, Cooking, Aerobics, Outdoor activities!
Houston, TX


Deborah "Jacobs" Bates
Sewing, reading, games, travel and now Glass Blowing!
Bath, NY
djacobsnow.jpg (16904 bytes)
Ronald H. Johnson
Golf, Biking, Hiking, Reading and Writing. Son '84, Daughter '86
Barberton, OH
Linda J. "Kehlenbeck" Thomas

Bethlehem, PA
Kathleen "Kelly" Waldmiller
Going to the Beach, Wine Tasting and Gardening!
Sunrise, FL
Judith L. King
kingjsr.jpg (11869 bytes)
Knoxville, PA
Joan E. "Koziatek" Hayes
No hobbies listed yet!
Safety Harbor, FL
Darrell C. Leibson
No hobbies listed yet!
Cincinnati, OH
Lucy "Luckner" Smassanow
Writing, Storytelling, Tennis, Hiking, Beach, Snorkeling, Biking!
Woodbourne, NY
Susan M. "Lyon" Raley-Lyon
No hobbies listed yet!

Rising Sun, MD
Robert Morey
Hunting, Fishing and Travel
Elmira, NY
Jane M. "McLaughlin" Morovich
No hobbies listed yet!
Baldwin, NY
Paul F. Miller
Marysville, PA

Pauls' email doesn't seem to be valid but is married to Donna "Miller" and can be contacted in the facebook link.
Mary T. Nolan Stoll Reading and Gardening!
Burnt Hills, NY
Leanna Oakden Scudder
Edward W. Olander
No Hobbies Listed Yet!
Corning, NY
Eric Parks
No hobbies listed yet!
Allentown, PA
Lorena J. "Perigo" Morey
Crafts, Travel and Antiques

Elmira, NY
Joseph R. Phelps

Painted Post, NY
Timothy H. PhillipsArchery!
Corning, NY
David C. Popejoy Arturo Medrano Rojas
No hobbies listed yet!
Costa Rica
Thomas R. Shafer
Golfing and three daughters '77, '78 and '82
Dansville, NY
Timothy L. SmithSkiing and Climbing!
Lakewood, CO
Stanley D. Solsky
Wife Margie and 2 daughters, started anew with golf and running and has a horse and some cows!
Painted Post, NY
Dale W. Sprow 

Silverdale, WA
Robert W. Stoll
Hunting and Fishing!
Burnt Hills, NY
Frederick A. Stull
No hobbies listed yet!
Painted Post, NY
Jesse D. Tanner
No hobbies listed yet!
Cocoa, FL
Earl A. Titus
titusesr.jpg (10614 bytes)
Lindley, NY
  Dale Van NessReading, Walking and playing frisbie with kids!
Lexington, MS
Sandra L. Waisley
Reading, golf, gardening, cats!

Alexandria, VA
Mark Walker
Reno, NV
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