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Deb Morse Little lives in Oregon. While visiting Oregon in 2010 we got together for the Halibut! A 12 hour deep sea trip from Newport, OR.

Nick Erway, Ave, Vickie Erway and Deb Morse Little

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I am married with 2 daughters adopted from Ukraine 4 1/2 years ago. They are both 10 years old- 8 months apart and not biologically related. My husband Steve is
an oncologist and we are currently living in Sarasota, Florida. I was an RN for 25 years and have now retired from nursing to be a stay-at-home mom. I also have a 12 year old step-daughter and a 22 year old step-son. I kept my maiden name so I am still Nancy Youngstrom and my husband is Steve Mamus.

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December 2008

Nick Erway took the largest Non-Typical Whitetail Buck with a gun during the 2007 Deer Season. Award will be given out at the New York State Big Buck Club Dinner in Canastota, NY September 20th 16 points

178 4/8 Boone and Crockett
danBMphotocrop.jpg (174249 bytes)   danmountphoto.jpg (215657 bytes)

From Bill Fanning, June 2008
My family and I are still living in Londonderry, NH. Our two boys are both out of high school as of this year. Brent just graduated last weekend and is in China with 225 members of the Londonderry Lancers Marching Band playing in pre-Olympic ceremonies. Hopefully they won't leave anyone behind. There are over 40 nervous chaperons with them. One kid lost his passport before he even got off the plane, but luckily the crew located it. That news made the local paper. Hopefully, it wasn't Brent.

Bill and Hobbes 2008

Gary Harndon and Nancy Heverly live in Corning. One of Gary's passions is his show car. He travels to car shows around the country and does quite well with his Pontiac Firehawk.

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Deb "Morse" Little
Feb. 9, 2006
One son, Nathan. I am an Rn and work locally (Painted Post) at a Mental Health Facility. My interested include watercolor painting, sailing, kayaking, anything on/in water.

Arturo Medrano Received December 17, 2005 Married with Eugenia. One daughter, Paola (22). One son, Jose Arturo (10). I studied Biological Oceanography, English and Law. I work with a Consortium of American Universities. I love to travel and go to the beach. I work in Puntarenas in the Pacific Ocean and we (along with my father-in-law) have a couple farms in the Atlantic Ocean (plantain exportation). You guys should visit COSTA RICA. Greetings to all.
Darrelll Leibson - Married since '92 - 5 year old son. Yeah Baby! Developing Real Estate, playing golf, lots of Florida. Picture attached - no hair.

dleibsonfamily.jpg (146055 bytes)
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Jeff Hoagland. Jeff lives in Rocky Mount and is employed  by the City of Rocky Mount.

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Marilyn "Abernathy" Noffsinger
"the picture was taken on May 2 at my son's last orchestra concert at Harvard. He graduates June 5, "03"

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Colleen LaFever
"I currently live in Rocky Mount, NC.

colleenlafevernow.jpg (61294 bytes)

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Dan Gulliver and wife Sandy

DanSandyGulliver.jpg (18743 bytes)

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Raymond Dick. Picture taken at Riverside Retreat in PA 9/28/02 Ray lives in Cincinnati, OH. Still single and says if anyone gets in the area let him know. Email him for information.

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Ted Hitchens and family. Sent in May 2002. Son Brad, Wife Fran, Ted at Dau Currey graduation.
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Terry Dean Shepard July "02

Mvc-004f.jpg (88152 bytes)

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Jan Card Kelly July "02 with her daughter ('94) Sierra.

Mvc-003f.jpg (81920 bytes)  Mvc-011f.jpg (101962 bytes)

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Elissa Andrews, July '02 

elissaandrewsnow.jpg (21890 bytes)
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Kris Bayer, School Principle in Florida, July "02
Mvc-007f.jpg (111697 bytes)
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Charlie Morton, summer of 2002

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Tom Goodreau and Family. Photo taken on Nov. 20, 01
Lu Ann, Tom, Michelle and Sarah. Living in central PA.

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Janet "Burke" Lohr, July "02
Jan has a great new position with a software company. Her daughter is with her and going to college. 

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Paul and Donna (Scott) Miller
Son Adam.

      Click here to see larger pic of Paul, Donna and Adam 5/01 at their home in PA    pauldonnamiller.jpg (50045 bytes) 
Paul and Donna Sept. 28, '02 on right.

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Nick and Vickie Erway
Sons Brian and David, Grandson Brenden.


erways.JPG (52660 bytes) erwaydavid.JPG (34173 bytes)
Son Brian, his girlfriend Rena, Nick and Vickie Erway and Grandson Brenden. Son David on right.. 

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Kim and Sue Kershner
Visit Kershner Studio

Sue and I on our last cruise...I'm in a black, Starfleet dress uniform. Oh...BTW...I'm Starfleet Captain Kim M. Kershner, commander of the CommOne Communications Station located in the alpha quadrant, sol sector with temporal relocation to the late 20th-early 21st century and specializing in studying marketing communication development of the aforementioned era
No Kids, a cat (Melvin) a Brittany Spaniel (Chuck).

Darryl and May Jenks
Son Jason '96 and Daughter Catherine Eve *'99*.

son Jason and daughter Catherine Eve '99

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Beki (Foster) and Rick Harshaw in Vancouver BC.
Beki would like to invite everyone to visit and join West a message/bulletin board for West High Alumni!

Beki and Rick Oct. '99

Suzanne (Satterly) and Brad Shaffer and daughter Melanie.
Sue does Watercolor Painting
Click here for viewing some of Suzanne's art!

Sue, Melanie and Brad

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Mike Fletcher--"I have a 248 track recording studio in my home. Keeps me busy. I teach guitar. Keeps me sane. I've written five books. Keeps me eating"

Click here to go to Mike's Ultra Guitar Website.

Donna Law McKay and husband Bill reside in Corning, NY.  She has two children, Jessica '78 and Marc '83, three stepdaughters, four step grandchildren and her cat, Cynthia.  When she is not singing, she's supervising staff at a local credit union.

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Fred Drake and Patsy "Watson" Drake
and their family

Fred, Patsy, Katie (25), Molly (17), Emily (21) and sitting is Caleb (19) Jan 2005

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Mark and Jean Britton at Letchworth State Park

Picture from oldest daughter Lisa's wedding on July 29, 2000! One more daughter, Denise, at home. 

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Bob and Mary Stoll at Letchworth State Park July 29, 2000.
Bob and Mary have two sons and a daughter!

Click here to visit Bob and Mary's website.

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Kevan and Lynn Norris
at Vesty's Pig Roast August 5, 2000, Pike, NH.
Kevan and Lynn with Son Andrew (83) and Daughter Brooke (86)! 

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Rick Griswold and wife Lesa try to squeeze everything out of life that it has to offer.  Grandson "Tobias" about 1 1/2 in pic on left, center is Rick and son Milo in 1982, daughter Lark and Tobias on right.

Click to see larger picture of Tobias Shea TownerClick on picture for larger picture of Lark and Tobias!Rick and Son Miles in 1982

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John Shoemaker--married, but no children (can you imagine me as a father??) I do have a step son.. who is long graduated from college and making a fortune in the networking business in NYC.

Click here to visit On Line

Click here to see the larger imageJohn Shoemaker at his home and residence June 4, "01 John on the Piano, Jim Barbaro, John Wisor, Steve Fuld, Lex O'Brien

Left picture taken behind an old schoolhouse outside of Montour Falls they used to practice
in.. those are flooded pianos removed from houses after the June '72 fun. Right Pic June 4, '01 at John's home and business.
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Wilma Nelson - Married to Dan Coats with two children - Heather at 18 and Andrew at 21 in 2001Wilma and Dan Coats at their business "Coats Convenient" its right on Pultney St. next to the Pizza Hut and across the
street from us is the Corning Credit Union.

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Now here is a real fine group if I do say so. This was taken at the South Corning Get together  we had on Alumni weekend July, 2000. It was nice to visit and amazing how the last 30 years just melted away, if only for a brief moment in time.

Bottom Row from the left:
Beki (Harshaw) Foster, Sue (Shaffer) Satterly, and Jill (Said) Lewis, the top row from the left, Kevan Norris, Nick Erway, and Mark Walker.

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Bruce Moran and Barbara.
 Bruce is with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission! Children Christopher and Erin. Picture from August 18, 2001

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Mary (Chase) and Dave Tammaro, Mary and Dave have two children Mathew '82 and Andrew '84. Picture from Aug. 11, '01

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Sue (Woodhouse) Engelhart - Oh what a story she has to tell!!! Engelhart_wedding_July_2000.jpg (18440 bytes) 
Sue on Harris Hill August 11, 2001. Sue has two daughters - Theresa '90 and Rachael '93 and is now living in upstate New York Wedding July 2000.
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Ken and Stormi Turner from Chico California. Photo from Riverside Retreat August 13, 2001
Two children Darienne '89 and Dashiell '93  Ken has a Law office in Chico, CA.


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Jill "Snyder" Gasparri, Jill has two sons Tony and Francis born '78 and '79 and currently lives in Painted Post and working at CCC

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Julie Wray-Muth
 Julie works at CCC as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs..


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2002 summer photo
Jan "Card" Kelly- Elissa "Andrews" Yost - Charlie Morton - Rick Griswold
Terry "Dean" Shepard - Jan "Burke" Lohr - Kris Bayer - Darryl Jenks - Nick Erway

1 Garage.jpg (40954 bytes)
Rick Griswold with his Bass

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Nick Erway and Rick Griswold June 4, 2001
Rick Griswold 
and Nick Erway 6/01

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topothehill.jpg (38696 bytes)
Bruce Moran, Rick Griswold and Nick Erway 8/18/01

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nvcj.jpg (98327 bytes)
Nick and Vickie Erway, Colleen LaFever and Jeff Hoagland. May 24, "03

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